Call for Abstracts
2011 National HIV Prevention Conference
August 14-17, 2011
The 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference will be held August 14-17 in Atlanta at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Marriott Marquis hotels. Visit the website to learn more about the conference and we invite you to consider submitting an abstract.
The 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference is taking place just a little more than a year after the release of President Obama’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy. The conference organizers are committed to ensuring that this conference contributes to achieving the three primary goals defined in that plan:
  • Reducing the number of people who become infected with HIV;
  • Increasing access to care and improving health outcomes for people living with HIV; and
  • Reducing HIV-related health disparities.
The theme of the 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference is: “The Urgency of Now: Reduce incidence. Improve access. Promote equity.” This theme was chosen to reinforce and reflect the urgent need to quickly and efficiently scale-up proven interventions and improve the coordination of our nation’s response at the national, state, and local levels in order to achieve the maximum impact on HIV incidence, the health of people living with HIV, and HIV-related health disparities.

The 2011 conference will occur shortly after we begin the 4th decade of our nation’s response to HIV and AIDS. This response began when the first cases of AIDS were reported by CDC in June 1981. Since that time incredible progress in HIV prevention and treatment has been made, but many challenges remain. The National HIV Prevention Conference will provide an important opportunity to look back at the successes and challenges of the first 30 years of the epidemic, the lessons learned, and how we can apply these lessons today to have an even greater impact on the HIV epidemic.

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