One of our educators, Adriana, is involved in this wonderful Hawaiian retreat for couples. Even better, you can have 5% of your fee donated to the Center for Positive Sexuality! Check it out and have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

LOVE LIFE RETREAT: Learn to Love your Life, by loving your Love-Life!

Give the gift of education to those less fortunate than you.

“We learn for good”

“Learning for Love”

“Gift Learning, Learn Love”

Dates: October 24th – 27th, 2014


$2,495/single person


(Can’t afford it? Ask us about our Fundraising opportunities!)


Itinerary Summary:

Friday, October 24th: Arrival + Welcoming Dinner

Saturday, October 25th & Sunday, October 26th: Workshops + Activities** 9am – 11pm

Monday, October 27th: Breakfast + Departure


**Activities may include adventures and sight-seeing in Hawaii. Specified activities will be optional.


Do you love your life? How about your love-life?

How would your life change if you had the love-life you always dreamed of? How would you wake up every morning knowing that you’re married to the person of your dreams and you’re living out your “Happy Ever After?”

How badly do you want that fantasy-filled romance in your life?

If you want it badly enough, you’ve come to the right place…

Are you contemplating divorce, but unsure of what the right decision is?

Are you in the midst of a breakdown in your relationship?

Are you upset that your partner just won’t take things to the next level?

Are you constantly fighting with your partner?

Does it seem like you and your partner speak different languages sometimes?

Are you having trouble getting what you need out of your relationship?

Do you keep encountering the same problems in all your relationships?

Are you having trouble finding a partner?

Do you want to master the art of finding, and keeping, the partner of your dreams?

Are your insecurities causing problems in your relationship, or ability to find a relationship?

Is jealousy an unwelcomed guest in your relationship, causing constant problems?


If you answered yes to one of more of the questions above, then this is the perfect trip for you!

Imagine arriving in a tropical paradise, with sand between your toes, the breeze in your face, the sun shining down warming your skin, and the smell of pineapple and the sea-salted ocean in your nose. This is what you will experience on our Love Life Retreat. This Retreat is not about retreating from life; it is about retreating from the sorrows, despair, anguish, and stress that you’re calling your life right now. It’s about taking the time to learn about what you really want out of life.

Love is what most of us strive for. 

We want people to love us, and to share our love in the process. Many of us want a special person to share a tremendous amount of love with. However, in this crazy world, sometimes this deep desire for love is buried. It’s buried beneath the arguments we never resolve with our partner, buried beneath the fear of losing someone, buried beneath the rage of jealousy, buried beneath the insecurities, and buried beneath the cruel inner voice telling us that we’ll never make it through.

This Retreat is about digging up that passion that has been there all along. It’s about finding your true desire for love, and acting on it, successfully. This Retreat is about learning what will make your life complete.

Chances are, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, your likely future looks a lot like your past. Take the step NOW to change that. Take the initiative to do something grand for your life and your relationships. Make the effort, just one more time. It’s a trip to HAWAII; there are worse ways to spend a weekend.  😉

Retreat from the way you’re living life now, to regroup, look within, and come back transformed into the person you want to be, to use your newfound knowledge to live out your life exactly the way you want it. Get the girl. Get the guy. Get married. Don’t get married. Live Polyamorously. Live monogamously. Have a mind-blowing sex life. Let love in. Fuel the Romance. Fight the Dragons, and go home to your family fulfilled and excited for the new day to come!

Take action to transform your Love-Life, and you’ll reward others with the gift of Education. With every purchase you make, 5% is donated to either Educurious or the Center for Positive Sexuality. You may choose to contribute to the transformation of children’s education, or sex education, by taking a step to transform your life. If you have trouble making the decision to transform your own life, then just do it for the kids.