Since we publish on a rotational basis we are continuing to take submissions for 2015 publication. Please submit your original manuscripts according to our guidelines:

We invite original submissions from diverse epistemological and methodological approaches on any topic that explicitly pertains to positive sexuality. A full range of qualitative and quantitative methods are acceptable. All manuscripts should be written in American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format and should be no longer than six double-spaced pages. Given the diverse readership of the journal, authors should try to avoid using highly technical jargon whenever possible. For traditional research manuscripts, authors should provide a short summary of the current literature, briefly explain the methods used, and clearly report findings and implications. Theoretical, conceptual, and creative analytic (narrative, poetic representation, etc.) submissions also should reflect appropriate scholarly criteria and aesthetic presentation.

Manuscripts should be submitted as an email attachment (Microsoft Word) to the co-editors at Manuscripts will be screened initially by the editors and anonymized before being reviewed by at least two experts. The editors will make publication decisions based on recommendations from the reviewers. Publication decisions normally will occur within six weeks of manuscript submission.