What if we told you Emily was going to be on the internet soon, I was her assistant host, and we “have a show?!!”

You’d probably scratch your head, shrug and say, “Hey, I didn’t even know you guys were working on a show.”
As Providence and Rev Mel (of Talking Sex Radio, www.talkingsexradio.com ) would have it, Emily is fufilling one of her goals of reaching you all in a much bigger way.  In my infinite wisdom (*spontaneous and compulsive outbursts*), I offered to be Emily’s “Ed McMahon.” And it’s all happening.  We’ve had our first rehearsal. We’re working hard on bringing you interesting and fun show topics, guests that we think you need to see, and guests you may already love.  It’s not Oprah, it’s not just a talk show, and it ain’t your Mama’s “The View!”

Emily is taking the mission statement of Center for Positive Sexuality, www.positivesexuality.org , to the internet where she can interview guests, have demos, discuss books, sex education, BDSM….. all this stuff that’s kind of busting out of the seams of the website and blog. And I’d like to thank Emily for giving me this opportunity to work with her.  I do so many other things in my life and career, and this chance to be part of her show is one of the easiest things I’ve never really set out to do or thought I would do! (Boy, are my friends in entertainment going to hate me…”what? You’re on a show?!! How’d you get that gig? Wait.. you never said you wanted to be on a show. Where’d you guys get the camera and the studio?” etc… etc… etc…)

We will get all the details, Bat Time and Bat Channel to you as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to a fun, wild ride!!

In the meantime, Talking Sex Radio is changing the Radio to the very appropriate Network, but feel free to bookmark the site now, create a profile so you can join in the chat during our show, and send Rev Mel plenty of obscene, sexy messages. Tell her Emily and Simone sent you!  And please keep an eye out for the new show, “Is This Normal?”

The Filthy Book Reader