The College of Arts & Letters @Idaho State University in collaboration with Janet C. Anderson Gender Resource Center announce:
10th Annual Multidisciplinary Conference on



Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID

March 3-4, 2014

Keynote: Lisa M. Diamond, University of Utah


Gender and sexuality play pivotal roles in our daily lives; how we express ourselves and interact with others, they are

present if not always recognized. The purpose of this conference is to explore and recognize the multitude of ways we

express, deliver, decipher, inquire into, and perform gender and sexuality.

This conference is funded primarily through the ISU Women’s History Month events fund and is

completely FREE of charge. There is no cost to present and all sessions will be free* and open to the public.

 ALL submissions related to gender and/or sexuality will be considered.

Possible topics could include:

Spirituality and gender

Mental and physical health in relation to gender/sexuality

Empirical/experimental research into gender/sexuality

Gender/sexuality in history

Sex and the law

Gender in the media

The politics of sex

Gender in relation to LGBTQIA

Gender and sexuality in education

Sexual ethics

Alternative sexualities

Gender stereotypes and gender roles

International perspectives on sexuality/gender issues

Sexual violence

The committee invites advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and adjunct from all colleges and universities, to submit proposals. Panel submissions from groups, student organizations, etc. are also welcome.



Presentations may take several different formats, including: papers (resulting from group work or individuals); slide presentations; films; readings; and performances. Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes in duration. Standard A/V equipment such as computer and projector will be provided. If you require additional equipment you need to provide it yourself.



Please attach an abstract/short summary, no longer than one page in length, and be sure to include your full name, academic status, institution and complete contact information.

Submissions should be e-mailed

The committee will review all submissions and submitters will be notified by January 1, 2014.


In order to allow for presentation respondents, accepted presenters will be asked to submit their completed papers, completed slide presentations, or an extended summary of their performance or film by February 3, 2014.


Affordable lodging is available close to the ISU campus, for more information about the conference, questions or concerns please visit or contact the Gender Center at or

*For those interested in CEC:s, there will be a cost associated with sessions offering credit