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Friday, June 1, 10 pm ET, $50

 The fantasy of being forced into sex acts (or of doing the forcing) is one of the most common fantasies among both men and women, and when explored safely and consensually can be very fulfilling. Join veteran fetish performers and educators Tim Woodman and Amber Rayne in this live, totally interactive online webcast workshop as they shine a light on that darkest of all fetishes–rape fantasy role play.

The workshop consists of a live one-hour interactive webcast in three parts:

  • Introduction: During the first 5–10 minutes, presenters will talk with participants in the chat room about their interest in this type of role play and what they want to see in the demonstration. We will also cover basic issues of consent, physical and psychological safety precautions, and tips for making your role play more rewarding.
  • Live Role Play Demonstration: The presenters will perform a live fantasy rape role play scene. This is an interactive, participatory demo–during the scene, workshop attendees are encouraged to provide feedback and help direct the action.
  • Aftercare/Q&A: The workshop will conclude with a short “aftercare” section where you can talk with the presenters, ask questions, and share your thoughts about how the scene went.

WARNING: This live workshop deals with one of the edgiest forms of role play… fantasy rape… and is not for the faint of heart. While everything you see here will be fully consensual (and hot) for both parties, this demonstration will be intense, realistic, and include graphic sexual content. If you might find this upsetting or offensive–or if you don’t understand that mutually consensual fantasy role play is worlds apart from actual sexual violence–do not attend this workshop. If you have a history of sexual abuse or violence, be aware that such role plays can trigger unexpected emotional reactions and carefully consider this fact when deciding whether to attend.

This entire session, including chatlog, will be recorded for possible future use. Please use anonymous screen names, and please be polite. Others will see what you wrote. Rudeness (outside of appropriate fantasy role play) toward the performers or anyone in the session will NOT be tolerated. The instructors reserve the right to eject disruptive or disrespectful participants without a refund.

This course includes explicit content and discussion and is open to adults only.
By taking this course you affirm that you are age 18 or older