by LaTerra McDaniels


Here at the Center for Positive Sexuality, our mission is promoting differences & acceptance in sexuality and with Earth Day approaching on Saturday April 22 we thought it was appropriate to explore Ecosexuals.

What is an Ecosexual?

Ecosexual is a term describing an environmentally conscious person whose choice of “green living” extends to their sexual choices as well. As with many sexual identities, ecosexuals are multifaceted and can make simple choices like researching the most eco-friendly pleasure products like condoms and vibrators before purchasing to the more radical who see the Earth as a lover and even choose to marry various parts of the planet to confirm this union. Ecosexual initially was a term used to describe dating an environmentalist but now the meaning has expanded to include those who love the Earth in many different ways.

Pioneers of the Ecosex Movement

In constant collaboration with the Earth to forge the ecosexual movement are Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. If you don’t know who Annie and Beth are then you’re in for a treat because with these two environmentalism never looked sexier. Annie is an author, filmmaker, sexologist, and adult film royalty. Her partner in Sexecology and life, Beth Stephens, is a professor of art at UC Santa Cruz where together they founded the E.A.R.T.H Lab whose mission is “to create new forms of environmental art while developing related theories exploring nature with a fresh gaze and researching more inclusive, diverse and playful possibilities”. Since 2004 this dynamic duo of doctorates have combined humor, art, knowledge, and activism to spread the importance of caring for our environment. As creators of the Ecosexual Manifesto, Beth and Annie have also produced multiple workshops, walking tours, ecosex weddings, and art exhibits as well as the award winning documentary Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story.

        Ecosexuals Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

Are you an Ecosexual?

Being an ecosexual isn’t so much about having sex with nature as it is about making the connection between nature and humanity. When we recognize this connection it’s hard to watch the planet be exploited for its resources and harmed by pollution. When you think about it, being an ecosexual should be a sexual identity each of us can get behind. Our planet is so special, nothing like it has been found in the universe just yet. In order for us to live and thrive we ALL need to be more mindful of the planet. From the asexual to the pansexual, EVERYONE needs to involved with caring for the Earth.

How Ecosexuals Want You to Celebrate Earth Day

Annie and Beth have created a list of 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth. Let go of your fear of seeing the Earth as a lover and use the examples listed below express the ecosexual in you this Earth Day.

            Tell the Earth “I love you, I can’t live without you.

            Massage the Earth with your feet.

            Keep her clean, please recycle

           Protect her mountains, waters, and skies.

           Swim naked in her waters.

          Work for peace, bombs hurt.

          Circulate erotic energy with her.

Now is the perfect time to learn more about ecosexuals! Annie Sprinkle has a new book out today, April 20th just in time for Earth Day called The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm. This guide book expands the definition of orgasm and invites all genders and body types to explore different ways to harness the powerful energy created by orgasms. With whimsical & body-positive illustrations by Beth Stephens and Yu Dori, this new book takes you on a journey through Planet Orgasm and trust me, you won’t ever want to come back. You also don’t want to miss their next E.A.R.T.H. Lab event Environmentalism Outside the Box: An Ecosex Symposium at UC Santa Cruz May 18-20. This three day multi-disciplinary symposium aims to examine where our “bodies” end and “nature” begins through discussions, performances, and art. The Center will be there to present on How Being Sex Positive Can Save the World.

With gratitude we want to thank Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens for their important work and we want to thank planet Earth for continuing to support us with life. This Earth Day show our world some love in whatever way speaks to you.


Here’s Annie Sprinkle, CPS Secretary LaTerra McDaniels, and Beth Stephens at the Golden Age of Adult Cinema event in North Hollywood back February.