What is Positive Sexuality?

The Positive Sexuality Movement has been going on for several decades, but the term “positive sexuality” has been a fairly recent phenomenon. This is a set of ideas that not only encompass the diversity of human sexuality and behavior, but also provide a framework for healthy living, problem-solving, and addressing various social issues.

Using our 8 Dimensions of Positive Sexuality, we discuss what positive sexuality is and what we hope it can be. Using this perspective we highlight how issues around women’s rights, LBGTQ rights, education, criminal justice, and other social institutions can be resolved through a sex-positive perspective.

This presentation can be made to fit 20 minutes or longer, depending on your class/group size and time limits. It is recommended that you provide your group with this reading prior to the presentation to help the conversation: Introducing a Multidisciplinary Framework of Positive Sexuality.

This is perfect for many types of courses, including but not limited to sexuality, psychology, sociology, women’s studies, gender studies, LGBTQ studies, and more. This is also great for discussion and community groups, activist organizations, and the workplace.

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