The 4Cs: A Guide to Consensual Communication

Research Affiliates at our Center published a paper a few years ago about the need for an easy, accessible, and useful guide to consensual communication. Although this model was originally discussed in terms of BDSM negotiations and interactions, the implication of this model reaches much farther. In all communications with others, we should be using the 4Cs model.

This is a way for us to discuss topics such as:

    • What is surface consent versus deep consent?
    • How and what do we communicate nonverbally?
    • How do we establish a system of caring for ourselves and others when trying to get our needs met?
    • Can we proceed with caution, recognizing our own limits as well as the limits of others?


These topics and many others are a part of this presentation. This presentation can be 20 minutes or longer, depending on the size of your class/group and the time frame you need.

This is a great presentation for a variety of age groups and courses.

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