Sexuality & Aging

How old is too old for sex? What about kinky sex? Or non-traditional relationship styles? In a media culture that continues to sell youth, we start to believe that there is a magical age at which people stop being sexual, romantic, or even intimate with others.

This presentation offers personal information from educators 60 years young and then some. They offer insight into their lives, including their sex lives, relationships, and navigating a culture in which aging is considered anathema. A frank and open discussion, this presentation will enlighten and broaden your perspective of the diversity of human sexuality.

This presentation can take 45 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size and needs of the group. We highly encourage attendees to be open, honest, and curious.

We highly recommend this presentation for all courses covering material on gender, identity, sexuality, orientation, deviance, disabilities, aging, social work, socialization, and development as well as for workplaces, therapists, counselors, and social workers needing exposure to aging clients. This is also recommended for senior groups who would like more information about sex as they age.

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