Sexual Diversity

Sexuality and sexual identity are extremely diverse. There is more to this equation than male-female, heterosexual-homosexual. Currently, there are over 900 terms being used by various individuals to describe their sexual selves and relationships, although most Human Sexuality textbooks barely scratch the surface when discussing these possibilities.

This presentation is meant to inform students and professionals about the larger array of human sexual expression and includes educators from our BDSM, Gender Variant, Polyamory & NonMonogomy, Sexuality & Disabilities, and other panels.

We will answer questions like:

    • Is there more to my sexual identity than sexual orientation?
    • How can I describe my sexual identity?
    • What possible sexual identities are there?
    • How can I be more sensitive toward those who are more sexually diverse than I am?

We highly recommend this presentation for all courses covering material on gender, sexuality, identity, orientation, socialization, and development as well as for workplaces, therapists, counselors, and social workers needing exposure to potential sexually variant clients. This is great for a variety of age groups and education levels.

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