Sex Workers

The subject of sex work is very controversial. There are often questions of legality and morality convergent with misconstrued ideas of what sex work actually is.

This presentation is meant to inform students and professionals about the wide array of sex workers, from strippers, exotic dancers, and burlesque dancers, to performers in the porn industry, professional dominatrices, and escorts. This group consists of men and women who currently or who have worked in the past in some aspect of the sex industry and speak about the complexities of this type of work as well as the complexities of the type of people who do this work.

We will answer questions like:

    • What is the difference between sex work and sex trafficking?
    • Are all sex workers the same?
    • What type of person chooses to work in the sex industry?
    • What are some of the laws regarding different types of sex work?
    • How is sex work viewed in other developed countries?

We highly recommend this presentation for all courses covering material on gender, sexuality, identity, sex work, sex industry, legal issues around sex work, and first amendment rights, as well as for workplaces, therapists, counselors, and social workers needing exposure to potential clients who may fit these categories.

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