Polyamory & Consensual Nonmonogamy

The word polyamory has really only existed in the general lexicon for about 12 years. Many people don’t understand what it is or what it can be. In short, polyamory means “many loves.”

Many people also engage in relationships that they may not describe as polyamorous but are also not monogamous. This may include relationships like swinging, open relationships, and more.

This presentation offers information from current research and actual people who live a polyamorous and/or nonmonogamous lifestyle about the reality of these relationships and how they can work.

Questions that are answered include:

    • How are these relationships similar and different from one another?
    • How do you deal with jealousy?
    • What do these relationships look like?
    • Could I be polyamorous or nonmonogamous?

This presentation includes a 20 minute PowerPoint that describes and defines what these types of relationships are not and what they can be, how people engage in these relationships and deal with the realities of jealousy, marriage, and children, and offers some definitions for a working vocabulary. After this portion, the panel offers a brief description of themselves and allows the class to ask any questions they may have about polyamory and nonmonogamy. This part of the presentation can take 45 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and needs of the class. We highly encourage attendees to be open, honest, and curious.

We highly recommend taking advantage of our full presentation package, which includes PDF files of a recommended reading list, a list of Polyamory and NonMonogamy groups and organizations, and more.

We highly recommend this presentation for all courses covering material on sexuality, identity, orientation, deviance, socialization, and development as well as for workplaces, therapists, counselors, and social workers needing exposure to potential relationship variant clients.

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