Body Image: Loving Yourself

Body image. We all have bodies. And we are all influenced by those around us, especially the media, when we make decisions regarding our bodies and our self-worth.

This presentation discusses the positive and negative body image among women and men, looking at the trends through history that tell us what is “beautiful” and “desirable”. We also explore those who may be differently bodied, either through disabilities, changes in their gender presentation, or forms of body modification. This is a great presentation for students and professionals studying the impact of media/technology on body image, as well as those who are studying the psychosocial impact of beauty standards in Western culture.

Questions addressed include:

    • How do we define body image?
    • What is the “ideal” body for women and men?
    • How can we avoid negative body image?
    • What are the societal expectations of transgender bodies?
    • Can differently-abled bodies be attractive?

This presentation includes a 15 minute PowerPoint that describes and defines body image, covers some myths and misconceptions about body image and offers some definitions for a working vocabulary. After this portion, the panel offers a brief description of themselves and allows the group to ask any questions they may have about personal experiences dealing with various body image issues. This part of the presentation can take 45 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and needs of the group. We highly encourage attendees to be open, honest, and curious. After more than 10 years and hundreds of presentations, we have yet to say “I don’t want to answer that question” to any respectful query.

This is a great presentation for any age group or course and can be tailored to fit your group’s needs.

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