Until further notice all presentations are available through remote-access only (Zoom, BigBlueButton, Skype, etc.) and are offered free of charge with no need to fill out a fee waiver form. Please use the form to request presentations and let us know how we can help you set up your remote presentation. Be safe!

Are you teaching a course that could use more in-depth information in a particular area? Do you need a course for your group or organization?

Watch here for a quick overview of our presentations:

We offer a variety of presentations for groups of 10 or more. Most presentations include an informative 15-20 minute PowerPoint describing the topic, offering terms and definitions, and information from current research when appropriate. Some presentations include a panel of diverse speakers with many years of informal and formal education experience. This provides a discussion forum to offer your students or group a personal perspective.

We request an honorarium of $150 per presentation. The more presentations you schedule in a semester, the more you save!

  • One presentation (per instructor) = $150
  • Two presentations = $200
  • Three presentations = $300 (That’s ONE free panel!)

You may schedule your presentations for the same course or different courses, but payment and presentations must all occur within one semester.

Request a presentation using this form.

Most institutions pay for presentations from grants or honorariums. In cases where such funds are not available, a fee waiver request can be made. Please make this request when scheduling your presentation. It is the policy of Center for Positive Sexuality that no sincere request for fee waiver be denied. Our mission is to educate and inform whenever possible, not only when fees can be paid.

Most presentations for colleges and universities are booked in advance during August and January to be presented during the fall or spring semester. Later bookings can be accommodated if presenters are available for the date(s) requested. Please understand that colleges and universities booking in advance will get a better selection of availability.

For more information about specific presentations, please follow the links in the drop-down menu above. If you are interested in a topic not currently available through this site, please ask! We will do our best to accommodate any reasonable request.

Please read our Meet the Educators page for more information about our group of presenters. Please understand that most of our presenters have vocations besides speaking for the Center and may not necessarily be available for your specific presentation. If you would like to specifically request a speaker, please do. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

If you would like a private consultation for an individual, couple, or small group dynamic (less than 10 people) please send us an email. Not all speakers and presenters are available for private consultations.

For queries, comments, booking a presentation, fee waiver requests, presentation requests, private consultations, or other information, please email: queries@positivesexuality.org