CPS condemns the recent public shootings in Atlanta. This tragic occurrence seems to reflect extreme forms of both racism and sex-negativity, both of which are completely unacceptable.

According to a recent position statement on so-called sex/porn addiction by the Center for Positive Sexuality (CPS), National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), and The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (TASHRA) we recognize that many people may struggle with sexual issues, including issues that occur within their committed relationships, which are valid reasons for seeking professional help. We also believe that helping professionals should, as appropriate, seek to support client-initiated behavioral change in healthful ways that are consistent with clients’ moral beliefs and worldviews. However, existing multidisciplinary scholarship does not warrant the application of an addiction model to frequent sexual behavior and/or pornography viewing. Thus, regarding such behavior, use of the term “addiction” is not valid and may be misleading and sometimes harmful to clients. Helping professionals can effectively help clients who may be struggling with various sexual issues or problems by working from a positive sexuality perspective that utilizes multidisciplinary scholarship; applies high quality empirical research and critical analysis; and prioritizes sexual rights, diversity, and acceptance of a wide range of sexual interests, behaviors, and identities.


Read the full position paper: bit.ly/JPS-SexPornAddiction