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I was sitting on the grass at a college campus the other day, enjoying that amazing mix of cool air and sunshine that spring brings, when a male hummingbird flew down in front of me displaying his colors. He danced closer and closer; I could almost touch him. He continued his display several times, trying to lure me into his mating dance. I told him that I although I did find him very attractive and interesting I didn’t think I was the right match for him. He eventually flew off, and I hope was able to find a more suitable partner. As the rejuvenating spring increases our libidos, allow that creative energy to help you seek out new possibilities, even if it doesn’t get you anywhere. 

In your search for ways to express your sexy creative side, I hope you will consider supporting the Center for Positive Sexuality with our first fund raiser. Tickets are now on sale. 

I am co-presenting later this month at the National Organization of Forensic Social Work Conference on “Reducing Sexual Crime and Empowering Victims: Applying a “Sex Positive” Framework in Forensic Social Work” in conjunction with some colleagues from Idaho State University. Since April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this is very apropos. It is important to recognize that within a sex positive framework, sexual assault rates decrease significantly. 

Have a beautiful April!