We’d like to invite you to the only 100% queer-friendly trans positive retreat center (that’s also open to anybody from ANY part of the gender identity/orientation spectrum/sphere) IN THE ENTIRE COSMOS!
(that we know of).
Please join us for the Circles 2.5 retreat on the weekend of May 11-13 open to all trans-gendering folks and allies … trans-loving … trans gressive … gender-queer … or if you simply question the binary gender paradigm?

Please join Michele Benzamin-Miki, and myself (Caitriona Reed) for a weekend of exploration, laughter, celebration, empowerment, learning and creative self-discovery

CIRCLES is a small gathering of usually no more than 10 to 25 participants. It is part conference, part retreat. A time to relax in an informal atmosphere on the breathtakingly beautiful land at Manzanita Village, and to explore the deep issues of gender, identity, and living at choice. The schedule is co-created in part by the participants. Anyone who would like to can facilitate a workshop or lead a discussion. You don’t have to be an expert. in fact it’s best if you’re not. It’s better if you are willing to simply explore, experiment, and listen . . . and if you don’t want to facilitate anything, that’s fine too.

We are exited to invite you to join us at the next Circles Retreat/Conference at Manzanita Village.
* Workshops and discussion groups co-created by participants,
* Accommodation and fine vegetarian, mostly organic meals
* An atmosphere of safety, confidentiality, and ease
* Time for relaxation, sauna, naps, walks in the surrounding hills
Conference highlights may include:
  • Internalized oppression, internalized transphobia
  • Identity beyond binary paradigms (female/male straight/gay etc etc)
  • The Wisdom of Insecurity, trusting our Power
  • Class, Race, and Gender
  • Strategies for facilitating change: personal, communal, and societal
  • Trans issues and the law
  • Coming Out to Our Family and Children
  • The place for genderqueer, trans, and ‘two-spirit’ people in traditional societies
  • Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Trans Issues
  • Transition issues
  • Relationships
  • Transgender Liberation Movement
  • ‘Descansos’ reflections on and the landmarks of our life’s journey
  • Dance and body-image
Please note: this is NOT just for trans people ‘in transition.’
We are all always, in transition of one sort or another
– whether we are gay, straight, trans or otherwise.
And if you think you have your sh*t together
please come along anyway, to support those who might not!
We look forward to sharing some time and exploring with you.

Caitriona Reed
Michele Benzamin-Miki
and friends ..

Registration and Cost
Register Here
Sliding Scale $250 – $395
Payment is tax-deductible,
Ordinary Dharma and Manzanita Village is a 501(c) 3 non-profit.
PO Box 67, Warner Springs, CA 92086, USA

I have come back to life!
The ease and the freedom
I feel at Manzanita
lets me let go and feel free_.
free of all fears and the sense of abandonment
I sometimes feel in my everyday life.
What is more beautiful than a human being
who has just realized that they are actually alive_.?

_participant at the last Circles retreat
Register Here
Sliding Scale $250 – $395
Starts at 6:00 PM
on Friday, and ends
at 3:00 PM on Sunday.
If you are driving from
Los Angeles or San Diego allow plenty of time to allow for traffic. Driving time –
2.5 hours Los Angeles,
1.5 hours San Diego
For more details about other retreats and events at Manzanita Village go to our website:
The only 100% Trans and Queer Positive Buddhist (somewhat) Retreat Center
In The WORLD!!!!
(that we know of)
web: http://www.manzanitavillage.org
email: manzanita@ordinarydharma.org