You can visit our virtual Center for Positive Sexuality in We have a beautiful facility, complete with group meeting areas, private consultation rooms, and a viewing room to watch episodes of “Is This Normal?” and other programs. You can also join the SecondLife group Positive Sexuality Advocates, giving you updates and information about our events, discussion groups, and other meetings at our SecondLife Center. Please friend PositiveEm Adored and Fire Kimagawa when in SecondLife and we can help you navigate and enjoy the Center.

Having this virtual Center not only saves us the cost of renting a building or suite of offices, but also allows us to meet with clients worldwide in a variety of time zones. If you do visit our Center in SecondLife, we do ask that you consider donating a few Lindens (SecondLife currency) to the Center to allow us to continue having events and meetings.

You can make appointments for private individual or small group consultations at our SecondLife Center by sending an IM to PositiveEm Adored or Fire Kimagawa, or email Emily at Emily @ .

 If you have never used SecondLife, follow these easy instructions:
1. Visit
2. Sign up for a free avatar
3. Install the free software
4. Open the program, enter the SecondLife world, and immediately use “SEARCH” to find “POSITIVE SEXUALITY”, then Teleport there.

For more information and pics from our events: