Earlier this morning (4/15/15), Emily E. Prior, Executive Director of Center for Positive Sexuality was interviewed on Utah Public Radio’s Access Utah. Professor Prior, along with Professor Candi Carter-Olsen of University of Utah, discussed sexuality as it relates to education, religion, family, and the media. Both women encouraged a sex positive perspective, where sexuality can be openly and honestly discussed, and people of varying identities and presentations can be accepted.

Tom Williams, the show’s host, specifically asked their views on the objectification of women in advertising and other media, and how a sex positive perspective could help this issue. Along with positive sexuality, Professor Carter-Olsen suggested promoting more realistic bodies in image-based media, as well as bodies that are actually healthy, rather than skewing the idea of health and “perfection”. This is in alignment with the positive body movement that has been gaining recognition through social media.

To listen to the interview, go to Access Utah’s website.