call for grant proposals on race and sexualityThe Center for Positive Sexuality is pleased to announce a call for submissions for four small grants to support research on race and sexuality.

Race and sexuality are intricately connected, as are so many other aspects of our individual identities. To ignore the impact and experience of race in sexuality research is to forget a crucial element of our identities – and the harm that comes from this ignorance disproportionately affects people of color, particularly women, gender non-conforming people, and trans people of color.

We recognize here that positive sexuality research must include non-white participants and communities, and that work that centers people of color is particularly important. Throughout US history white supremacist infrastructure and power have systematically deprived people of color, particularly Black people, of access to just, affirming, and comprehensive sexual health resources, leading to many disparities by race. In addition, people of different races and cultures have diverse, unique, joyful, and humanizing experiences with sexuality that are equally deserving of scholarship and recognition. Therefore, to do justice to issues of sexuality we must talk about race and we must center the voices of people of color in this work.

Thanks to generous donations from and Dr. James Elias, we are proud to offer research funding for external projects for the first time. This year we will dedicate these funds to work on positive sexuality that centers Black people, indigenous people, and other communities of color. We have four $1,000 grants available. Proposals that center Black sexuality are especially welcome.

To support equity in positive sexuality research, grant funds can be used for anything that makes the research possible, including research and living expenses, travel, and/or other necessary expenses.

Please check our website for more details. Application deadline is August 1, 2020.