by DonRon

I know this thread may have several people running for the hills but here goes…

I’m using IMVU to do an in depth interview for my thesis. I’m interested in learning how people got into BDSM, how they learned their roles, and how they keep their private life private (if they do).

So, to answer some of the questions that may arise here:

1) I’m not using information from FL for this. I know how many people feel about researchers and research in general. I know there is not a lot of trust because researchers have abused that.

2) I do have a valid HSRB, and the study is University sanctioned. I do not report on users or their locations. I use pseudonyms and large geographical areas of the country.

3) I don’t collect any personally identifiable information, you don’t even have to sign an informed consent.

4) yes, you are more than welcome to read any information that I’m collecting, and I will also provide a link to the completed thesis for you to read if you’d like.

5) If you would prefer, I can email the questions to you. I only ask 2 things. First, use a disposable email account for the study, and second, I only ask that once you receive the questions, please fill them out and get them back to me quickly. Timing is an issue for me.

6) I’m also able to utilize other chat mediums such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ.

7) If you choose to use IMVU, these interviews are NEVER done in public. I prefer PC simply because it provides better confidentiality than “whisper” and because I can copy/paste the chat for convenience.

If you’re interested, you may either send an me a message via IMVU to DonRonSilverMoon or PM me here on FL and we can work out a time. You can even do this from a “Guest_whoever” account on IMVU to further hide your identity. I’ll change the username once the interview is done anyway.

Any help is appreciated, no help is respected. Either way, thanks for reading.

Informed consent document:…

I’m a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at Western Kentucky University. This information is for my thesis (that I hope is done before Christmas).

This information is cross posted at:…

edited: the link for the Informed consent didn’t display properly so I’ve edited that if someone wants to get a copy of it.

Additional information: IMVU is Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. It is free, interactive chat software that links people for chatting and socializing. It is not a requirement for participation.