Art of Self Loving: Getting more from your masturbation, whacking off, rubbing one out sessions. 101 Explore your ideas and beliefs about masturbation. Learn about: Tantric sexual energy, exploring full body orgasms, experiencing toe-gasms, armpit-gasms, knee-gasms and many, many other types of intense pleasure and release in any part of your body, creating a loving sexual relationship with yourself. How do you experience new levels of pleasure? Solidify the connection between self love, self-acceptance and body image. The deeper and more fulfilling your solo sex life is, the more skills and knowledge you have to give and receive pleasure with a partner or partners. Accept the importance of letting go of shame and guilt about masturbation.

Self- pleasure, Self-Love is everyone right and is important part of a healthy sexual life!

Rated: explicit language but no explicit visual aids or demo’s

Length: 90mins

Date Wednesday February 22, 2012

Time: 5:30 pm PST

Open to all genders and orientations. 

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