Last weekend I happily represented the Center at the 3rd Annual Alternative Sexualities Conference by CARAS. I presented on “BDSM 101: Teaching College Students About Kink”. The presentation went very well and I made some wonderful connections with other colleagues from across the U.S. It was great to know that other people were also doing what we’ve been doing, but also gratifying to know that the Center is really doing something cutting-edge and on a scale that others haven’t quite reached yet. It is my hope that by being in contact with these colleagues, we can pool our resources and reach even more people with positive messages about marginalized, and often negatively stereotyped, sexualities.

After presenting and spending a day being academic, my sweetie and I had a lovely time touring Haight-Ashbury and the Pier. I love that independent businesses still exist in the heart of San Francisco… something that, sadly, Los Angeles seems to be losing.

We also attended a couple of parties and enjoyed the display and grandeur of Folsom Street Fair. It’s certainly not for the meek or easily offended, but for us it was a welcomed return to an event that helped to spark our continued committment to the BDSM community almost 14 years ago. I have to say, it is quite something to be in a town that allows public nudity!

I have returned refreshed and enthusiastic. I look forward to maintaining contact with my new friends and colleagues, and I hope that I can bring even more sex positive energy to the Center for Positive Sexuality.