I recently drove across the country from Los Angeles, CA to Unity, ME and back again. I clocked over 6500 miles in 10 days. Interestingly, along the way I noticed a chain of adult stores through the mid-west, mostly in Kansas (which is really full or cows and corn, by the way) and finally had to stop in one to see what it was about. I was pleasantly surprised to enter a clean, well-lit, and wonderfully well-stocked adult store pretty much in the middle of nowhere. This shop was run by a middle-aged couple who told me that they get some regulars coming in, some locals, some truckers, as well as those who are just passing through like me. They have had to fight the local legal system regarding their billboards and operating hours (they are not allowed to be open from midnight to 6 a.m.), but they are sticking it out. Kudos! So, if you find yourself wandering through middle America and run out of lube or even want the latest adult DVD, try stopping by a Lion’s Den or Passions, and you’ll feel right at home.