Positive Sexuality Encourages Peacemaking. Not only is this the theme of our second SexPosCon, but it is also one of the 8 Dimensions of Positive Sexuality. Another dimension is that Positive Sexuality Welcomes Multiple Ways of Knowing. This is reflected in the array of topics slated for the conference! From polyamory and consensual non-monogamy to therapy to culture to queer themes to immigration, there’s a lot of chew on. You can take a look at the session summaries for a bit more insight.

In addition to two-and-a-half days of presentations and posters that will in some way discuss how positive sexuality encourages peacemaking, there will be a workshop as a part of our brand new Sex Positive Professional Certification Program. The workshop entitled Perspectives, Positivity, Peacemaking will take place on Sunday afternoon and be led by Keynote Speaker Dr. Billy Strean.

Be sure to register online for both the conference and the workshop (space is super limited for the latter) as soon as you can. Based on our conference in 2018 we sold out beforehand and did not have tickets available onsite.

With huge appreciation to our conference sponsors

Woodbury University


Dr. Omar Minwalla