The editors of Journal of Positive Sexuality bring you 2 new manuscripts.

The first article is a follow-up report on an installation that was available during 2020’s SexPosCon, The Graphic Sex Project. Findings support the potential application of this tool in research, therapeutic settings, and more. This article has some supplementary files that you should definitely take a look at, available on the home page of the JPS site.

Next we have some new data comparing asexual and sexual undergraduates’ sexual behaviors, sexual values, religiosity, and other variables. This large data set (over 13,000 participants) yields some much needed information on several sexual identities and orientations.

We would also like to thank Dr. Liam Wignall and Dr. Shani Habibi for their time serving as Associate Editors this year, and special thanks to Dr. Brad Sagarin for taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief for the next couple of years. Thank you to our Editorial Board as well. You have all done an amazing job and we wish you well.