We are happy to inform you that 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SEXOLOGY has been planned to be held at Chennai during12 to 15 FEBRUARY 2010. We expect the Conference to be more meaningful with participation of luminaries in the field such as you. On behalf of the Conference, I invite you to participate in this year’s Conference and present your latest papers on the subject.

Chennai, the venue of the Conference is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, is India’s fourth largest city and is the knowledge hub of India.

Upon registration, the delegates will be able to participate in an array of educational sessions on the sexology

As an abstract-driven conference, participants will also be able to view poster presentations on current HIV testing research and meet with leaders in the research field. Also included is an exhibit hall where more than 25 exhibiting companies will present the latest in

laboratory technology and innovation. We anticipate over 600 people will attend this meeting.

For more information about our conference program, please view our web site at

. FOR details about the Conference