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#TuesdayTerms: Bi/Pan/Omni/Polysexual

#TuesdayTerms: Bi/Pan/Omni/Polysexual

Bisexual - Sexual attraction to your gender and other genders. Pansexual - Attraction to people regardless of gender. A lot of times Pansexual and Bisexual are used interchangeably. Omnisexual - Whereas Pansexual is attracted to people regardless of gender (sometimes...

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#TuesdayTerms: MTF & FTM

#TuesdayTerms: MTF & FTM

MTF: An acronym meaning “male-to-female.” The acronym is used most often in the context of the experience of those who identify as women but were assigned male at birth (AMAB). FTM: An acronym meaning “female-to-male.” The acronym is used most often in the context of...

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Call for Papers

Journal of Positive Sexuality is currently reviewing submissions for our fall issue and beyond. Please submit your original manuscript no later than June 15 for possible fall publication. We are especially interested in articles from community members and clinicians...

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