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Monthly Educational Series

Andrew Pari

Join us July 23, 11 a.m. PT with Andrew Pari to examine how trauma may be healed through kink-play.

Registration opens July 1.

The worlds of BDSM and psychology have much to teach each other, especially when it comes to trauma healing.  Andrew Pari’s work is dedicated to bridging this long-standing gap.  Join him in discussing how re-playing sexual trauma creates healing for many women.

Andrew Pari, LCSW, CCTP is the Founder of Sexual Assault Awareness, LLC, dedicated to ending sexualized violence and shame through a sex-positive lens.  He provides psychotherapy and training with a focus on the “taboo,” that most in the field won’t address, including specialized populations in sex trade and trafficking.  A nationally recognized expert in trauma and sexualized violence, he’s developed sex trade policy and hosted worldwide online discussions on rape and recovery.  His pioneering work in use of kink expression in the healing of sexual trauma has been hailed as “radical” and “unique.”  He serves as the Certification Program Director on the Board of the Center for Positive Sexuality.


Call for Proposals for 2022 Race and Sexuality Awards now open. Submissions due August 31, 2022.

Proposals are welcomed from researchers at any level, including community members unaffiliated with academic institutions, and anyone can apply.

We welcome submissions from new researches without a publication record.

Researchers from marginalized communities are especially encouraged to apply; please feel free to comment on your identities and how they relate to the work you are proposing.

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Our educators are available to present on a variety of positive sexuality topics. Great for colleges, universities, professional development, and community groups.

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Stonewall Riots Anniversary June 28

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