Sex Positive Professional Certification Program

Sex Positive Professional Certification Program

We believe that positive sexuality is applicable across all levels of society and can easily be integrated into all professions, especially those that already have an existing code of ethics based on humanity, strengths and well-being, communication, and acting in the best interests of one’s clients. This program is designed to build on your existing knowledge and expertise to enhance your practice, increase your awareness and sensitivity to clients’ needs, and allow for personal growth within your chosen profession.

If you have an existing human sexuality knowledge base, then you can easily move through sections that include refreshers on this information, and get on with the discussion and application of the positive sexuality framework. If, however, any of the more introductory information is unfamiliar to you, take your time to learn something new before moving on to the more challenging portions in the course.

All Sex Positive Professional Certification Program (SPPCP) students must be willing and able to complete the following steps within one year’s time in order to be eligible for Certification. We understand that you may not necessarily complete these steps in this order.

  • Application and Entrance Interview
  • Online SPPCP training (including all assignments, assessments, and activities)
  • Positive Sexuality Assessment
  • SPPCP Workshop (in person)
  • Conference Attendance
  • Exit Interview with CPS Panel/Review Board
  • Certification Contract

Failure to complete these steps within one year’s time may result in having to repeat certain steps to become certified, or, in some cases, may result in failing to be certified.

Center for Positive Sexuality reserves the right to not certify anyone who does not meet the criteria at any stage in the program, without a refund of payment. Center for Positive Sexuality further reserves the right to decertify anyone who does not maintain their certification as outlined in the contract.




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