Staff Publications

Below are a few of the many sex positive publications our Research Affiliates have produced. Please be aware that not all publications may be publicly or freely accessed.

Is BDSM a Sexual Orientation or Serious Leisure?, Current Sexual Health Reports, 2019

Is Serial Sexual Homicide a Compulsion, Deviant Leisure, or Both? Revisiting the Case of Ted Bundy, Leisure Sciences, 2019

An Unlikely Retirement: The 2017 Las Vegas Massacre as an Exercise in Project-Based Deviant Leisure, Homicide Studies, 2018

Application of the Serious Leisure Perspective to Intrinsically Motivated Serial Homicide, Deviant Behavior, 2018

Using photovoice to address gender-based violence: A qualitative systematic review, Trauma, Abuse, & Violence, 2017

The Sale of the Atlanta Hawks: Is it Racism or White Ownership Playing the Race Card? Journal of Sports and Media, 2017

Health disparities among kinky sex practitioners Current Sexual Health Reports, 2017

Alternative or non-traditional sexualities and therapy: A case report Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2017

Bisexuality, pansexuality, queer identity and kink identity Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 2017

Technology access and use, and their associations with social engagement among older adults: Do women and men differ? Journal of Gerontology, 2016

The resolution on gender and sexual orientation diversity in children and adolescents in schools: An illustration of psychology’s commitment to all students Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 2016

The development and deployment of the idea of pornography addiction within American evangelicalism Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, 2016

50 Shades of Stigma: Exploring the Healthcare Experiences of Kink-Oriented Patients Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2016

The Ray Rice domestic violence case: Constructing Black masculinity through newspaper reports, Journal of Sports & Social Issues, 2016

The framing of  frequent sexual behavior and/or pornography viewing as addiction: Some concerns for social work Journal of Social Work, 2016.

Looking inside the coffin: An overview of contemporary human vampirism and its relevance for forensics professionals The Criminal Humanities, 2016.

Is bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism recreational leisure? A descriptive exploratory investigation Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2016.

An Opportunity for Healing and Holistic Care: Exploring the Roles of Healthcare Providers Working within Northern Canadian Aboriginal Communities Journal of Holistic Nursing, 2016.

Breeding new forms of life: A critical reflection on extreme variances of bareback sex Nursing Inquiry, 2016.

The Lived Experience of Pregnancy among HIV-positive Refugee Women: A Qualitative Study Advances in Nursing Science, 2016.

“So far it’s been choosing which side effects I want or I can deal with”: A grounded theory of HIV treatment side effects among people living with HIV APORIA, 2016

What Do(n’t) American Undergraduate Social Work Students Learn About Sex? A Content Analysis of Sex Positivity and Diversity in Five Popular HBSE Textbooks Critical Social Work, 2016

From Purple Roots to Dark, Sexy, and Diverse: The Past, Present, and Future of Deviant Leisure Leisure Matters: The Present and Future of Leisure Studies, 2016

Getting Off on Sex Research: A Methodological Commentary on the Sexual Desires of Sex Researchers Sexualities, 2016

The Ethical Tightrope: Politics of Intimacy and Consensual Method in Sexuality Research Nursing Inquiry, 2015

Leisure Functioning and Offender Rehabilitation: A Correlational Exploration into Factors Affecting Successful Re-entry International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology , 2015

Evangelical Elites’ Anti-Homosexuality Narratives as a Resistance Strategy Against Attribution Effects Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2015

Activating College Men to Prevent Sexual Violence: A Qualitative Evaluation NASPA: Journal about Women in Higher Education, 2015

Art as Mode and Medium: A Pedagogical Approach to Teaching and Learning about Self-Reflexivity and Artistic Expression in Qualitative Research International Journal of Research and Method in Education, 2015

Navigating the Concepts of Gender and Violence With Young Children Journal of Family Social Work, 2015

Do We Always Practice What We Preach? Real Vampires’ Fears of Coming Out of the Coffin to Social Workers and Helping Professionals Critical Social Work, 2015

Contemporary Polyamory: A Call for Awareness and Sensitivity in Social Work Social Work, 2015

Moving Full-Speed Ahead in the Wrong Direction? A Critical Examination of US Sex-Offender Policy from a Positive Sexuality Model Critical Criminology, 2015

Young Feminism in the Rural West Feminism and Psychology, 2015

Gender Differences among Self-Reported Genital Piercing Stories Deviant Behavior, 2015

“You Need to Cover Your Tattoos!”: Reconsidering Standards of Professional Appearance in Social Work  Social Work, 2014

From “SSC” and “RACK” to the “4Cs”: Introducing a New Framework for Negotiating BDSM Participation Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 2014

Intersections of vampirism and sexuality: A narrative description of a vampire feeding in
Selves, Symbols, and Sexualities: An Interactionist Anthology, Weinberg and Newmahr eds, Sage Publications
, 2014

Social Work, BDSM and Vampires: Toward Understanding and Empowering People with Non-Traditional Identities Canadian Social Work, 2013

Resolving Social Problems Associated with Sexuality: Can a “Sex Positive” Approach Help? Social Work, 2013

Women’s Perspectives of BDSM Power Exchange Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 2013

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