Current Research Projects

If you are interested in more information about any of our ongoing research projects, or possibly participating in said projects as a subject, please contact Please specify which study and what information you an inquiring about.

Transgressive Assemblages: An Ethnography of Gay Sex Parties
Current Status: Data collection to begin July 10, 2016
Research Affiliate: Dave Holmes

From Our Perspectives: Untold Stories of LGBTQ Youth in the Los Angeles Foster Care System
Current Status: Funded by California Humanities Grant. Look for related art exhibits within Los Angeles
Research Affiliate: Moshoula Capous-Desyllas

Creating Social Change through Creativity: Anti-oppressive Arts-based Research Methodologies
Current Status: Affiliate is editing this anthology.
Research Affiliate: Moshoula Capous-Desyllas

Grinding Against HIV & STI Prevention Discourse: A Critical Understanding of Risk Taking Behaviors among Users of Gay Cruising Apps
Current Status: Data collection ongoing
Research Affiliate: Dave Holmes

Understanding Consensual BDSM Practices and Risk Taking Behaviour: A Critical Ethnography
Current Status: Data collection complete. Manuscripts being authored.
Research Affiliate: Dave Holmes

BDSM and Complexity of Pleasure
Current Status: Manuscript being authored.
Research Affiliate: Jeremy Thomas

Fucking with Fluids and Wet with Desire
Current Status: Forthcoming book chapter in Holmes’ edited collection on radical sex.
Research Affiliates: Jeremy Thomas, D J Williams

Leisure Theme and Forensic Behavioral Consistency Across Sexually Motivated Serial Homicide
Current status: Under investigation. Researchers are investigating the presence and degree of consistency of leisure themes with planning, wounding, and offender-victim interactions across murder series for specific serial offenders. 
Research Affiliates: D J Williams, Jeremy Thomas

Proliferation of BDSM identities
Current status: Data analysis. This project will utilize data from the recent CPS BDSM-as-Leisure study to explore new developments in meanings and nuances of how specific participants come to understand themselves with respect to BDSM practice.
Research Affiliates: Emily Prior, Jeremy Thomas


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