Also meet our Board of Directors and Researchers.

Matthew, Lead Educator Matthew
Lead Educator/Educator Trainer

Matthew has been studying, teaching, and participating in the BDSM community since 1996. He has taught courses in various aspects of BDSM and sexuality, including bondage, roleplay, basic safety, polyamory, and many others. Matthew prides himself on being a great communicator, and being able to speak frankly without making enemies. He can handle the most extreme and controversial of topics with candor and humor. Matthew is available for panel presentations and private consultations on a variety of sexuality topics.

Skye Williams, Volunteer Coordinator Cielle “Skye” Williams
Lead Educator/Educator Trainer

Cielle “Skye” Williams is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Center. She is a college graduate with a bachelor’s of science in Captive Wildlife Care and Education and a minor in Psychology. She has also been a guest on the Center’s show “Is This Normal?” as an advocate for furries and people in relationships with Transgendered people. Skye can be reached by email at

Ms Diana, Lead Educator Ms Diana
Lead Educator

Ms. Diana has been in the lifestyle for something over 25 years and actively in the greater community for about 18 of those years. She refers to herself as “an equal opportunity Bitch” and says neither gender nor gender choice determines who she plays (read that as “interacts”) with. She has presented across the country and in the United Kingdom on Alternative Lifestyles and is the Founder and originator of The Tactile Celebration – A Sensory and Sensuous Journey (based in part on The James Joyce Memorial Liquid Theatre which was offered by the now defunct Company Theatre). This is an interactive “blind walk” where the participants are led to a series of sensory/sensual experiences from hand massage to a group rock. It involved a cast of guides trained in a whole range of skills and talents. She has degrees in Theatre and Psychology and was an educator for nearly 40 years and continues her counseling today. Most recently, she has done presentations on Negotiations, Choosing the Right Partner, Are You Getting More Now But Enjoying It Less?, Spanking, Before Stonewall – an Historical Perspective, Sensation Play, Hot Wax and Clothes Pins, Clamps and Zippers. She feels privileged to have been invited to numerous panel presentations at colleges, universities, and organizations and views these as opportunities to not only educate and correct myths and misconceptions, but to give back to the community she loves. Education seems to be the dominant theme in her life.

Victoria Reuveni, Lead Educator Victoria Reuveni, DHS
Lead Educator

Dr. Victoria Reuveni is a sexologist from West Hollywood, CA. Though she identifies as more culturally Jewish now, she was raised in an Orthodox home, and attended Orthodox schools through 12th grade. She graduated in October 2013 with her Doctorate in Human Sexuality (DHS) at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. As much as possible, her emphasis of study has included size acceptance, kink, BDSM, and (consensual) non-monogamy. In June 2013, Victoria received a certificate in Sexological Bodywork from IASHS. She received her BA in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from California State University-Northridge in 2010.  She has been fairly active in the local kink scene and a member of LASA (Los Angeles Sexologist Associates) since November 2011. Her other interests include traveling, going to the theater, comedy shows, and spending time with family.

Hercules Liotard, Lead Educator Hercules Liotard
Lead Educator

Hercules “The Pleasure Coach” Liotard is a sex, intimacy & relationship coach who is the founder and creator of The Pleasure Coach which works with people to help them explore their thoughts, needs and desires. He enjoys helping others find the passion and pleasure in their relationships and in their lives.  He has been active non – professionally & professionally in BDSM for over 20 years and plays with in many aspects of BDSM lifestyle.  Also Hercules has been active in the open relationship lifestyle areas of swingers and polyamory for over 20 years. Hercules speaks and teaches in various aspects of sexuality, BDSM, open relationships, sex work, sexual activism and many other area of sexuality.  He also currently dedicates time as the coordinator with America’s Sexuality Day project and the Sex Workers Outreach Project – Los Angeles. Hercules is available for panel presentations and/or private consultations on a variety of sexuality topics and can be contacted through his coaching website at

Andrew Silventar Robertson, Educator Andrew “Silventar” Robertson
Lead Educator

Andrew “Silventar” Robertson has been active in BDSM for most of 19 years and plays with many aspects of BDSM skill-sets. Silventar has lectured on rope safety and techniques, erotic photography, and D/s relationship dynamics. Although his passions in BDSM span a wide variety of play styles, his true passion in BDSM is the encompassing Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationship structure. Silventar is currently a psychology student with a research focus on D/s dynamics and relationships. Fitting in with his focus on psychology and relationships, Silventar is a certified motivational life coach with an emphasis on human relations, both romantic and non-romantic. Finally, Silventar is the Director of Education for the Lair de Sade, one of the Los Angeles area’s premier BDSM dungeons, where he coordinates ongoing educational classes on all aspects of BDSM.

Adriana, Educator Adriana

Adriana has been an educator for over 5 years, and identifies as a Pansexual woman, currently active in the BDSM lifestyle. Although most of her educating experience has been within the realms of standard education (i.e. Math and Science), her passion for teaching spills over to all subjects in life. She has been studying men, women and relationships for just over a year, and will be receiving her certification in Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching in Feb 2014. While aspiring to teach people about sex, dating, & relationships, she has taken on the mentorship of a nationwide motivational speaker, so you may be seeing her on stage sooner rather than later!

Adrianne Akers, Educator Adrianne Akers

Adrianne Akers has a Master of Arts degree from California State University, Northridge in Experimental Psychology. She is also physically disabled with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), which affects the range of motion in her joints and her muscle development. She uses a wheelchair to aid in her transportation and movement. As well as presenting on sexuality & disabilities, she is also interested in the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990, disabled cultural history, parenting strategies for guardians of children with disabilities, coping mechanisms, psychology, and counseling. She is currently writing a book about disability and etiquette and is developing the General Education of Disability Experience in Society (GEODES), a non-profit organization focused on educating the public on the social aspects of disability to remove social barriers that inhibit the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society, and to promote the cooperation between the able-bodied and disabled parts of the community. Adrianne is available for private consultations and mentoring.

Laurie Bennett-Cook, Educator Laurie Bennett-Cook

Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook is welcoming of all gender identities, all sexual orientations, and all sexual and relationship expressions. She is a proud mother of four, step mother of three, grandmother of three, wife of one, and lover of many. It is her belief that conversations about sexuality should be honest and direct. She is a board certified Clinical Sexologist, California Certified HIV Tester / Counselor and IPSA Certified Sexual Partner Therapist.

Ashley Manta, Educator Ashley Manta

Ashley Manta is a feminist sexuality educator and writer. She published her first e-book, “A Feminist’s Guide to Phone Sex,” in March 2014 and her non-fiction essay, “Growing Through the Yuck of Having Herpes” will be featured in the Best Sex Writing of 2015 anthology. She speaks candidly about living with herpes and has done extensive work to promote acceptance and break the stigma surrounding STIs. She is the co-host of Carnalcopia, a sex and relationship podcast. She also recently launched an awareness raising campaign, NotCleanOrDirty to educate people about the stigmatizing language many use to talk about STI status. Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with a minor in Women’s Studies and has completed her graduate coursework for a Master of Arts in Philosophy.

Andrea Renae, Educator Andrea Renae

Andrea Renae is a sex educator, writer, coach, and graduate student at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies. Her areas of focus include: alternative sexual practices and identities, sexuality-based communities, pleasure-based sexual health and wellness, and inclusivity/accessibility in sex education. As a freelance educator and coach, Andrea provides one-on-one education and coaching sessions, and teaches workshops at colleges, sex toy stores, and community events around the U.S. Community building is incredibly important to Andrea, so she serves as the Co-Emissary for Sex Geekdom’s Los Angeles and Philadelphia hubs, Co-Facilitator for the Philadelphia Reproductive Health Happy Hour, and the Social Media Coordinator for the Sexuality in Communities Oral History Project (SCOHP). Andrea blogs regularly at

Karen Summer, Educator Karen Summer

Karen is an 80’s Golden Girl of porn, recent inductee into the “Legends of Erotica” and AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame member, Karen was the first to do a “how to” on the art of Fellatio. She is currently involved in the leather/bdsm communities and is an active member of a local dungeon. Her experience in the adult industry and bdsm community gives her great insight on Sexuality and how to make it a positive aspect of life. She has recently returned to the adult industry and loves imparting her knowledge to those who ask. Her hope is to make people aware just how wonderful their life can be when you open you mind to all the tremendous possibilities.

Laura Brandewie, Educator Laura Brandewie

Miss Laura is a 53-yo transsexual woman. She is a computer expert by trade, and volunteers for the Center for Positive Sexuality and the Threshold Society.



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